Style swap challenge?

I wanna do some style swaps because well, I have to draw soemthing soon or I’m going to damn well forget how to use my tablet. So just comment/answer/reblog with someone style you want me to try or even your own and I’ll draw one of my OCs in it for funs.


They’ll be sketches just like these so they will.

EDIT: please note that you do have to draw for this to work out and also have your artwork somewhere easy to find v.v


The blog will be returning to scheduled updates come May 1st, whether I’ve broken legs or not, until then there will be chances to get artwork of your OCsbeing posted on the blog to keep it active, watch out for them. 




GK: …wonderful answer!


I’ve yet ta catch them workin’ and not slackin’ off though…


It be a useful thing if used wisely.


Cherry Twist: SERIOUSLY, who hires a monster shark as a guard and doesn’t inform ANY of the staff. I think I was gonna die, he had to carry me inside after I passed out.

There ya go miss RubyRumble, one life sized, pink, flesh and blood giant shark for all ya pink shark needs. Pleasure doing business with ya litta lady.

((First wish granted, for the lovely rubyrumble, look out for more wishes in the future ^-^))


It’s hard to just pick one.